Fort Smith Tournament 2001

Our Houston Chapter chartered a bus for the trip to Fort Smith, Arkansas. We had several Houston Buzzards venture out on this trip. These are some of the photos that were taken on this trip.

Since Ft. Smith is known for its Gallows, I thought this was appropriate. This photo was taken at the old Fort.
Here is a photo of the old battleground which is a museum at Ft. Smith.
This is a photo of City Hall which was right across the street from our Hotel.
There is a lot of history in Fort Smith. This is an old trolley that used to run the streets of Ft. Smith, but is now part of the museum.
A group of us are on our way to bowl. We take the shuttle over to the Bowling Center.
Unfortunately, this is the only photo taken inside the Bowling Center. This is Bob King and Beth George before they bowl doubles and singles.
This is a shot of the band, which played a great show at the Dinner and Dance. The Ft. Smith Chapter did a great job with the entire tournament!
This is a photo taken at one of the smoke stops. I beleive this is Rich Mountain in Oklahoma. The drive through eastern Oklahoma was really beautiful.
This is a photo of the whole group that went on the bus. We are stopped for a smoke break.
This action immediately followed the smoke break! Everyone settled in to a good NAP!

These are unfortunately the only photos available from this trip. If anyone else has any more of them that they would like to share, please let me know and I will post them for you. I can scan original photographs, or you can email digital photos to me at